Sequel Print Docs (Trial)


Preamble. I’m posting this here because of the knucklehead forum policy… apparently one cannot post to a forum unless one is -registered- with that product. So people like me who own -several- SB products but want to -try- another (Sequel) can’t go to that forum and ask a question. Typical.

I am looking for a solution… I have a laptop that I want to use primarily as a ‘Rompler’ to replace a keyboard workstation for live shows. I don’t need sequencing as much as the ability to load ‘patches’ quickly for a set. IOW: I will be -playing- the keyboard, not playing back audio/midi. Occasionally, though, I’d like to record FOH mixes. Sequel seems a logical choice since it (ostensibly) can import into Cubase and has ‘pads’ for quick selecting patches. I guess.

But I installed the demo and it appears that all the tutorials are videos. Am I the only guy who HATES video tutorials? Gimee a -freakin- QuickStart BOOK any day of the woche.

Anyone got anything like that?

Sorry for the rant, but these are two things that -really- get up my nose:

  1. Not being able to post
  2. Lack of -readable- step-by-step tutorials. Videos can be great, but they can also be a real -waste- of time when you just want to quick scan for an answer.



According to the video I watched here, the pads trigger different parts of the song like an arranger track. I’ll download the manual and see if I see different.

According to the manual, that’s what the pads are for.

Thanks. I think I watched the same video—which is why I started considering Sequel. But what I -want- is a little ‘getting started’ thingee I can have next to my PC as I go through the program.

Program writers don’t seem to get it: Unless you’ve got like 3 30" screens, you NEVER have enough display. It’s totally distracting to have to toggle back and forth between a program you’re trying and a PDF. -Far- better from a marketing standpoint (at least with guys like -moi-) to have a book next to me so I can keep the screen in one place—on SEQUEL.


I hear you. Any specific thing I can try to help you with as someone who doesn’t mind vids or pdf’s?

That’s very kind of you…

  1. Is it possible to load external VSTis? (eg. Kontakt, Arturia?)

  2. What are the options for importing Sequel projects into Cubase?