Sequel3 & Cubase AI6 reactivation problems on a new computer

Hi, I’m struggling almost a week now trying to activate Sequel3 and Cubase AI6 on my new computer.
They were activated and worked well on my old one. That one died. Sequel was activated on 23-1102014 and cubase AL6 was activated on 22-3-2013.
Now I have download Cubase AI6 (I had on my computer) and activation ends on 15-3-2015.
Man, what a mess with that e-licence ;-((
I tried to reactivate it, but didn’t work.

The Sequel3 belongs to my Zoom G3x and Cubase to UR22.

All worked well, but last week I installed on my new computer, and lot of troubles with re-activation.
I mailed the servicedesk but no answer (yet) received.
Anyone had the same problem? And how they/you resolved it?