Sequence and Record external hardware synth?

Is it possible the sequence and record an external hardware synthesizers with an iPad and Cubasis?

If so, what hardware do I need. Most iPad interfaces are either MIDI or Audio; and apparently you can only connect one interface at a time, not both.


I use the Alesis IO Dock which works pretty good. You can record standard Midi note information with Cubasis such as Note On/Off but they have yet to update the MIDI to support recording Program Change, Control Change, and SysEx data. Recording Audio with the program however seems pretty good to me so far. I bought it more for the Midi so I am awaiting an update before I attempt to learn more about the program.

Does the iPad connector on the iO dock allow for adapter use for the new lightening plug connector without causing any fit problems into the iO dock? I’m not really sure how the 4th gen iPad would fit into the dock between the tray adapter and the connector adapter.

Sorry to take you off topic.