Seqüence Environment [Sampling] FX Buy

In What can drop the freqüency by wave files not copyrighted inserted? Why this is happening to me?

How it can happen and what’s the laws universsally assigned for this?

If it do not custom happen with other people, why I have to questionize and solve it? What differ me with the rest of the world with no problems about the seqüence environment? Thinking about it, Including, volume, frequency, time, fx and everything else. :unamused:

Are you having a problem inserting copyrighted files?

He leído varias veces su mensaje y estoy teniendo un problema tratando de averiguar a qué se refiere?
Creo que puede ser la traducción del español al Inglés eso nubla el sentido.

I don’t hablo español, but the problem is not about the insertion but about what the laws inquiry for these corporated files freely distributed.

Ah … assim que você é português

What freely distributed files are you meaning? have a huge environment of sounds

How does this relate to cubase?

Are they not just sample CD’s for purchase?

Stay on the tópic, If you know, you speak, if you don’t know, let the knowledge for the known kind. You’re fighting about. I’m Interested in the answer, not in your confusion. It’s part of my tópic.

Whatever… bye :unamused:


Ridiculous how someone’s english can be so bad he misinterprets help for offtopic. Ah well, good luck with whatever the problem is.

It’s not like my VST Sounds CD not showing the contents and the ueberschall blocked account only because it’s a issue related to windows or driver function. See Cubase 5 - CDImage Deturbation.::

Obs.: It’s not between, it are phenomaly happening separedly to confuse istead of solute.

Login in again… :question: :smiling_imp:
Unfurtunally my wishlist on Ueberschall has been deleted. So hard to do it again, but it may choice to my environment, I can trust the order? All cont. A girl have more than the steinberg “members” number. Understood. :neutral_face:

Hello, how to enable more colors for the arrangement environment instead of only the colors of the rainbow? I can’t enable even the grey matter… Maybe It is suppost about the locking event I told before in other post. But maybe it are only not available or viewable from the source version now. Why? I don’t know, mistakes… if… But where to do?

Can I launch something else without ask what to do or checker flag?

You said it…

lolz Split, I thought the same :laughing:

Kidding, I know it’s because off with folders I can’t complain with some combinations of colors, but how to enable more colors? What I want to know is if exist a way to bind different colors for the 16 colors available or I can tweak more color for it, in some disabled bind or option without crack it. Maybe only hacking it, and if it possible bind for tweak, hacking it. Maybe it’s just a option to tweak it.

I like the red instead too, and the live green matters. this green are cool, but dark colors matter the selection.

Whatever, what can I say…

I’m still here with no success about this need on old school.

I had forgotten about this thread. One of my favorites!

Yes, reading it again makes me happy :smiley:

What implicate it to be funny than the sounds we want to… Have fun them… But stick to the post…

May you don’t know what a forum is: It don’t works as implicating users with no fundaments, a forum is legaly applicated, and saying anything for what do not complain as subjected, you’re being legaly implicated.

Even having fun about something… That’s the idea about order.