sequence/multitrack HW synth

i am looking for something to multitrack/sequence my hardware synth with (roland system-8) and cubasis seem like a possibility. the system-8 it has a built-in audio interface/soundcard which i want to use to record MIDI and audio over USB from the synth.

for example: i would like to record a long sustain pad/string chord and have that loop constantly. then i would like to play a lead riff or bassline in midi, then maybe add automation to this. e.g. open cutoff filter. then bounce this to audio once i am happy with it and move on to the next element of the track.

is this possible? are the chords real polyphony? (with elektron digitakt and pionner toraiz SP-16 the chords were only 4 poly, and all voices need to be the same length which was lame)

i would be plugging my headphones into the synth, then hopefully be able to listen to the audio from the ipad and synth at the same time if using the system-8 as my interface.

i would appreciate any input, thanks.

I don’t know about your synth, but I use it with my Integra 7 just fine. Just get the “lightning to USB” adapter.

The iPad requires interfaces to be “class compliant” I.e. Do not require drivers to operate. Check your documentation to see if it is (I glanced at the Roland website but but didn’t see the interface mentioned as class compliant, but it was only a glance).

Provided it is - everything your looking to do multi-track wise can be done in Cubasis.
In terms of polyphony - Cubasis could send, I’m sure, dozens of midi notes simultaneously, the only limitation being the power/age of your iPad. Is that what you are asking about?

Hi Acidizer,

It might make sense to give our Cubasis LE version a try first:
Cubasis LE is the compact version of Cubasis, which can be unlocked with a compatible hardware device (offering a reduced feature set).
Cubasis LE is available as a free App Store download and offers a 30 minute demo mode.

If things work as expected for you, you’re free to decide to purchase the full Cubasis version afterwards.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes,