Sequencer vst help please

Newbie here… Just got cubase Ai7. Using ur22 interface and Yamaha keyboard.
Got everything working, downloaded my First sequencer by Steinberg
But I can not get it to work. I put the dll in the vst plugin folder
I see the sequencer screen come up but it does not play.
Please help… New to midi. Only using it for 1 week
I am sure I am not doing something right


Hello Pikenike99,

I’m sorry could you clarify, you purchased and downloaded a VST Instrument and are trying to open it up in Cubase AI7? Or was it something else like a VST Content Set, or Standard MIDI File? I’m sorry fro the confusion but the Sequencer is Cubase but it sounds like you are meaning a VST Plug-in? Please clarify and I will provide further assistance.

I open cubase Ai7 and load the Halion Vst instrument.
Now I want to use a simple sequencer so I downloaded
My First sequencer (vst plugin) and put the
Dll in the plugin folder.
How do I use the sequencer to play
A series of notes on the Halion vst instrument ?

Hello Pikemike99,

To add a third party plugin go to Devices, Plugin Information, VST 2.x Plugin Paths. Add the specific folder path of your plugin (not the entire C drive, as that will cause a crash), then shut down and restart Cubase. Cubase will then rescan for any plugin it can load.

My Frist Sequencer is likely to show up as a MIDI Insert under a MIDI Track or an Instrument Track.