Sequencing/control hardware synths from Cubasis

I understand that there is no “official” support for sequencing and controlling external hardware from Cubasis. @LSlowak has confirmed this.

I have tested recording and playing back a midi track, and Cubasis does reliably support transmitting midi notes to external hardware.

What I have not found is an obvious way to select patches and multis and to change parameters. As I usually do, I searched exhaustively for an Auv3 plugin designed to automate a hardware synth from a DAW. There seem to be options in AUM, but I’d prefer not to plug AUM into Cubasis.

Has anyone come up with a way to do this?

In the end, I decided to take the hardware sequencer route, and will use Cubasis to capture audio from my synth, keyboards, voice, guitar and other acoustic instruments (my beloved tambourines!) and not to sequence with MIDI.

I chose to back order a Squarp Hapax, the putative successor to the well-known Pyramid.

I’m excited about what I believe will be a significant enhancement to my song-creation workflow.

Besides, I love hardware. Hats off to those who enjoy and are good at all “in the box” arranging. It’s not so much for me.