the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

You should never write a melody for piccolo with French horns doing oompah oompahs accompaniment, someone might say, and slap your hand.

This is sheer luxury feature request. Not a one we need, just a thing that might add another layer of that serendipity.

I’m always wanted to be able to use technology even on a completed piece of music to flip around all the parts to different instruments combinations experimentally at the push of button. Flip the oboe part down to another instrument, double another part, move the harmony to other instruments. All at once. Then undo it. And try another random selection of moving and doubling. Ad infinitum. It could be semi-intelligent feature, and not move instruments to pitch ranges they don’t play in. Or it could be fancy, and make the needed adjustment. I don’t know what’s easy or possible.

That sort of thing. Maybe I’m not just a good enough composer to imagine the goodness or awfulness of changes in my head and shouldn’t need it. But thought I’d suggest it. Sometime in the far future maybe when you get around to it. If ever.

I guess I would call it a creativity feature.

Try this!

Edit → Paste special → Swap


Yes, like that, just on a large scale with an option for a random feature.