Series of crash logs

Nuendo 10.3_2021-04-06-155505_Mac-Mini-A.crash (165.0 KB) Synsopos_2021-04-06-155147_Mac-Mini-A.crash (56.2 KB) WaveLab Pro 10.0_2021-04-03-001819_Mac-Mini-A.crash (139.6 KB) Nuendo 11_2021-03-30-102559_Mac-Mini-A.crash (116.0 KB) Nuendo 11_2021-03-31-153946_Mac-Mini-A.crash (123.7 KB) atsd_2021-04-01-162515_Mac-Mini-A.crash (45.3 KB) Nuendo 11_2021-03-30-102727_Mac-Mini-A.crash (110.3 KB) Nuendo 11_2021-03-30-215326_Mac-Mini-A.crash (138.8 KB)

When is the next episode?

Jokes aside, it is better to submit them to Steinberg Support than just dropping them here without context.


Indeed, that would be the only way we can assist. Context (step by step explanation), system environment etc. is needed as well.