Serious addiction problem! Distortion plugin Cubase

Guys, I’m srsly addicted to Cubase 7’s DISTORTION plug-in…
:smiley: it sounds so amazing :smiley:!!! anyways, beside from sharing this, I wanted to ask if anyone has this weird-effect of the spatial knob, where actually instead of widening, all audio seams to come from the right channel…?

Aloha A,

Nice post to read.

Since SX3 I have always liked Steinys’ distortion plugs. They can get a lil narly
and overblown if you push them hard enough but there are times when that is kool as well.

The eq’s in the mixer section of SX3 were IMHO not very good for clean stuff (vox etc)
but sounded great on raunchy stuff.

However, since the release of C6 I trend toward the ‘DaTube’ plug for my ‘dirt’ so I have not
tried the plug you mentioned.

I am working on some guit/organ/synth stuff later this week
so I will give the Distortion plug a good workout
(and try the spatial knob thang) and post results.


even tho’ I am Steinberg fanboi, if you want real good/clean ‘dirt’,
check out some of the IK Multimedia stuff.
Those guys know guitars.
Their stuff not only sounds good but also ‘feels’ good in your hands.
Like a real amp does.

Hi guys.

Try the Cubase distortion plug-in on congas that have some healthy dynamics, and also automate the velocities of the hits going into the plug-in. “Distortion” sounds very good on congas, and it sounds even better when the processing is fluctuating thru varying levels of distortion.

Even better, a four letter word for you.


Aloha m,

Thanks for the tip.

I’ll give it a try this week.
And it is free!!

And tanx for the congas tip.

cool! thnx for the tip; somewhere in the request-forum I asked to make the Midi-LFO plugin routable to all plugins, so you could LFO-any given parameter… would be a dream for these kind of scenario’s!.. <3

Hi No worries.

Just look at your automation routing for that plugin. Select it from the list. Use the LFO sine tool under the tools menu, and draw a sine into the automation lane.

This is more flexible than a static running LFO.

Yeah, I’ve tried working with that, but don’t find it usefull at all, it’s on of the most clumsy tools to work with, for me;
I ofcourse use draw for lines and curves, but the LFO-sine-function is a headache