serious bug: when canceling export, it overwrites files

If you don’t have “add date/time” checked, when exporting graphics files, if you have exported before, it will ask you if you want to overwrite or create new. If you click the X to close the dialog box (which should cancel) it instead overwrites the files! Expected behavior would be to not overwrite or create new files

From looking at what the code does, I don’t think it will overwrite the existing graphics, but rather it should export them alongside the existing ones. There’s no option to cancel in this dialog: clicking the close button is treated as if you clicked ‘Create New’.

So, shouldn’t make more sense that when clicking the close button it just ‘cancels’ the exporting process?

If the application prompts me with en either-or question AND offers me a close button, the close button should cancel the whole process.
(If that’s possible. If cancelling is not possible at all, then there should not be a close button in the first place.)


The operation is not designed to be cancellable at that particular point in the process. It will need a bit of rejigging to change it, but I’ll certainly make a note of it for the future.