Serious Bug

Nuendo 10.1 64 bit Win7
Why object always shows it’s fade and volume handles when I place a mouse over it??? I nearly got insane!
Nuendo 10.0 behaves normally
How can I turn it off? Or is it new disguisting behaviour?
Auto select under cursor is turned off.

Come on, tell us how you really feel!

I feel really bad. After 16 years of using Nuendo since 1.5 I get this and can’t turn this off.
Can someone tell me is this forever or it’s a bug?

OK, don’t be mad, but I think it’s an improvement. Showing the handles when the cursor is over an Event saves 1 click, since I can grab any of the handles directly, without needing to click the Event first.

Added up over time, that’s a LOT of clicks saved. I prefer it, to be honest.

Is there a way to have the handles shown all the time?

Maybe it’s an improvement for someone, but for me it’s the end of the way. I make tons of editing every day and I can’t deal with this.
I hope steinberg can make this thing switchable.

“Getalife2: when the cursor is over an Event saves 1 click” +1 !
Just the way I wanted to have this!

My friend, Yonah, can you explain why this hurts your workflow? Seriously, I am interested in whether it is a visual annoyance or if there is something functional going on that this behavior ruins? Maybe I don’t understand.

It is a huge visual annoyance. I really make tons of edits every day. And this thing is also making the selected object less visible, cause in previous scheme it had red line+ huge fade and volume handles and now it is only thick red line and handles jumps all over the project following the cursor. Please Steinberg make this thing switchable! I really can’t work in 10.1. So N8 will be the last version for me(((

please don’t call it a bug, its not a bug its a change that you don’t like and understandably are annoyed. Maybe you’ll get used to it. Clearly these were made to adapt to Cubase users but I’m getting used to it already.

I don’t care about Cubase users. I’m using Nuendo for 15 years and I get used to it and after all this I get this f**king annoying visual thing. Make it switchable!

This makes it really hard to spot missing crossfades.
Before you could select everything on a busy track and quickly spot if there vas a missing crossfade.
No you have to hover over the event to find out.


No need to hover over the event. 10.2 here.

Preferences / Event Display / Show event volume curves always.

Yes, and while you can see the event volume curve it doest show the event handles.

Before you could see all the event handles on selected clips. Now you only see the on events that you hover over.

And why is this significant? It was very helful if you had a track with lots if edits. If you selected everything on that track you could quickly find if there was a missing crossfade. Cross faded events don’t get the size handles in the bottom corners while two adjoining eventes whithout crossfade shows the two handles. Now you have to vacuum the track by hovering over it to check your crossfades (pun intended). If you have drum tracks with 1000+ edits it’s pretty tedious.

Of course you can apply crossfades everywhere and hope for the best. But, I like to look at my fades when I do them.

So while it not a bug, it is a removed feature.

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