Serious crashes in a row, replicable

Using organ. Tried adding CC to expression maps. Added a new one, natural, CC 103, 01, titled it Fugara. Went to add that stop to playing techniques. No issues UNTIL I use the help tab to search “playing technique.” Crashes. And not just crashed, but freeze my entire computer both times. I had to force close, first time I’ve ever had to on this device in years of having it. Very bizarre.

The thing is that it doesn’t crash until I add this expression. I am using Noteperformer (not sure if that is important). I’ve never used this feature before, but these crashes are making me think I should avoid using it.

Specs: Apple M2 14.5 16gb
Dorico specs: Version (May 26 2024) Dorico 5 AudioEngine Version

I’ve attached the file

I think about it all the time.dorico (1.7 MB)

(Can’t help you with the crash. But…)

If you want to set up NP Organ read this thread.

If you want to use different voices for Great/Swell/Ped you need to change the instruments in the NP Mixer (currently you have them all set to Great) - this is important because the same cc103 switch creates a different registration on each!

You should create a copy of the NP expression map and work on that.


I appreciate the info!

Sorry to hear about the crash. I’m not clear from your description of the problem exactly what you’re doing. Can you go step by step from opening the project to bringing about the crash, with precise directions to follow? And please also do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here, as it will hopefully contain the crash logs, and that should also give us some more clues about what is going on.

The report is too big to upload (4mb)

You can send it to me using a service like, sending the delivery to my email address, which is d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

Try compressing the file.

Dorico’s diagnostic reports are already zipped, as I’m sure you know, @hamsandwichnow, given that you were getting them created to your desktop often just a week or so ago.

I fear I made the same mistake sometimes, but this because using 7-zip, I can also split the file in parts of any dimension… This holds for Windows, I don’t know if WinZip on Mac, can read them…

I forgot about that. For some reason it came unzipped so I zipped it. Never mind.

I had a similar crash with a completely different score and from a different set of circumstances tonight. All I can tell is that if I change anything deep in the settings (ie edit music symbols) and immediately after hitting apply click the help at the top to search for an option, it slows down until it crashes completely. As I said before, everything is fully updated and my computer doesn’t do this with any other program.

We need the actual diagnostics to look into this further. A story about the problem is unfortunately not sufficient for us to provide any intelligent assistance.

I mentioned before that the zip file was too big to attach. I made a new one for this file and it is 8mb, which is too big to upload here. You must be aware of that, right?

If you can’t provide a link to a cloud-based file server, like DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc, then see Daniel’s post from last week:

9Mb may be just about small enough to email directly.

I appreciate the information.