Serious Disk Cache Load Spikes [Resolved]

I’m experiencing a lot of disk cache load spikes which are causing serious dropouts.

The system drive is a 500gb SSD, the Media and Sample drives are both 1000gb SSD’s.

I’ve rendered all files to Audio to minimised the plugin load, but the spikes and dropouts persist.

Average Audio Processing Load on the performance meter is about 10%

The problem happens in N10 and N8.

Any suggestions as to what might be causing this?

Edit: if the cursor is moved left or right when the project is static, the disk cache load meter jumps to maximum and stays in the red for 1 sec or so. The further the cursor is moved, the longer it stays in the red. (This may be normal, I’m not sure).

I’m having the same issue. Large enough project - all rendered to audio so very little action on the audio processing meter but disk cache spikes to red on moving cursor and during playback ad occasional dropouts.

On backing up the project to internal SSD there were no dropouts but the meter still went to red for an instant pn starting and stopping payback and moving cursor.

Well, I’ve found the reason in my case. The media drive was an old hard drive that was failing and not being read correctly.

Solution - replace it with a big, fast SSD. Problem solved.

fenderchris , Out of interest, when you move the playhead on the new drive , say from start to end of a larger project do you see the disk cache zipping right up and back down (but not causing any audio issues)?

Yes. When I let go of the scroll wheel there is just a quick punch to Rudolph’s red nose (Christmas is coming) but no audio affect at all. I’m imagining that it’s just locating to the new position when that happens.

While actually scrolling there is now absolutely no movement of the Disk Cache Load meter.

Chris - good to confirm this - thanks !