Serious error in AudioEngine5


I Have a crashdump file but cannot read it obviously and if I could, I probably would not know what to make of it. I have attached the file.
Can someone see what is causing this?

Thanks in advance!
Dorico 4 AudioEngine 64bit 2022.5.9 9.48.dmp (707.9 KB)

I think that the dump files are a proprietary binary format only the developers can read. But they have representatives that read this forum.

Andro is right, only we, i.e. the developers can make sense of it.

It actually is a crash in one of the with Dorico delivered plug-ins. It’s a pattern we have only seen once before but could not address it so far due to the fact that we could not reproduce the issue in-house.
Is this the first time that it happened to you? Do you have any hint on the circumstances of the crash and how we could try to reproduce?

Hi Ulf,

Thanks you so much for helping me.
It is indeed the first time that this happens to me ever in Dorico.
I think it it happended once I started trying to get the volumes right (both cc 1 and cc7) in the editor under the score in Write mode.
I had the Ivory piano; the EW Hollywood choir and the solo Bohemian violin loaded.
Thing is: Dorico keeps changing the curves and not according to what I add as dynamics. Sudden chages with sudden spike as a result and I tried to flatten the curves.
I hope this will help you and also myself of course!


Hi Frank,
thanks for the explanation, but unfortunately that does not help me much. Because looking at the stack trace, the crash happened while loading or reconfiguaring an effect plug-in and this nothing to do with changing dynamics.
But please watch out if it happens again and give as much detail as you can about the circumstances. Thanks

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