Serious issue with sample rate conversion.

I have a project recorded at 44.1khz that I want to open in N6.5 at 48khz.

After trying various options all I get is a dreadful audio mess. ( I have never been able to accomplish this with any version of Nuendo so it might be Pilot error or it might be a bug, although I was hoping that it would work in N6.5).

Firstly I set all of my relevant hardware to 48khz ( RME Fireface, MR816s attached to the RME Adat connections) then I launch the project in N6.5. It sees that the project is at 44.1 khz and I select Adjust Project. After responding to various other options (including ‘Do you want to keep Audio events at their sample positions?’, which seems to have no effect regardless of whether or not Yes or No is selected, and which is not explained in the user manual) the project is loaded, but produces an un-Holy cacophony - it seems that audio events and parts triggering external Midi devices play correctly, but any sound being generated by VST instruments play back faster than the audio tracks and out of tune - sharp.

Is there a solution to this - perhaps a step-by-step guide for idiots like me, or is this just a feature that simply does not work?

Can anyone help with this please?



I now have two projects that need to be converted to 48khz.

It should be a very straightforward and simple process to change a project from one sample rate to another - no cryptic questions - in effect, just ‘Convert to 48khz - Yes/No?’ - that should be it. A converted project should then quite simply play back at the new sample rate and sound exactly the same as it did before the rate was changed.

I would appreciate a clear step-by-step guide on how to do this reliably.

Page 63 of the 6.5 user manual under sample rate.

Well, as far as I know there is no N6.5 user manual, just an N6 user manual. On page 63 of that is the Project Setup dialog. This does have a box for selecting the sample rate, but that is not what I am talking about. As you can see in my OP, I am referring to Nuendo converting the sample rate from 44 to 48 as a project is loaded.

There is an N6.5 New Feature pamphlet, but page 63 of that just relates to Loudness Range and Peaks etc.

Anyway, thanks for the reply.

6.5 manual = the operation manual that comes with 6.5.

You said you wanted to open a project record @ 44.1kHz @ 48kHz so page 63 of the user manual under sample rate. If you choose your new sample rate it will ask you whether you want to convert all audio files within the session (you do) and off you go.

The problem is that it does not work correctly here - I end up with audio and external midi instrument parts playing back correctly but VST instruments playing back faster than normal and out of tune.

I’ve done a lot of testing on this now and can say that if a project is very simple (just a bunch of audio tracks), converting the sample rate from 44.1 to 48khz does work if you select the right options (like "Do you want to keep audio events at their sample position? - [NO]), but if a project contains complications like Melodyne tracks or Midi tracks triggering live external instruments with sample rate limitations it does not seem to work; in which case I would recommend that all tracks, including Midi tracks and any tracks with Melodyne used on them, be bounced to new audio tracks before attempting to convert the sample rate.

EDIT: Looking at the N6.5.3 update notes, it seems that Frozen tracks also need to be un-frozen before converting the sample rate.

When attempting to adjust the sample rate when importing a project, there are several questions that need to be answered and options selected, but sadly I can find no reference to them anywhere in the N6 user manual.

I use r8brain to handle all my src