Serious Key Editor bug — Please fix


The following has been tested several times and is a repeatable behavior:

— Assign a key command to “Edit Active Part Only” (I’m using the “=” key)
— Open the Key Editor and move it to a secondary display (second monitor). Keep the Project window open on the primary display.

If the Key Editor’s window has focus, the key command works as expected. However, select another MIDI part in the Project window and then press the key command, and Cubase crashes immediately to the desktop.

If the Key Editor window is moved to the primary display prior to using the key command, Cubase doesn’t crash.

Machine specs are below.



I just tried that here (OS X 10.6.8), and it crashed here, even with the Key Editor window on screen #1 (but with the Project window having focus).
Very nasty indeed!

Thank you for confirming this :slight_smile:

Yes- I have confirmed this as well. Seems like a serious enough bug that it would have been fixed by now!!! SLOPPY CODING!!!

Confirmed here as well.