Serious mixdown bug

I have run into a show stopper. Nuendo cuts out a piece of audio on a specific track in the middle of a mix. I have had this problem before with the 1st N6 version and it has reared its ugly head again. I posted with this thread:

It was not taken seriously by Steinberg then. Back then I tried moving to a new hard drive which made no difference. I have tried exporting the soloed track that drops out with no plugins or fx and it does the same thing. I have tried disabling every unnecessary track. I have tried moving the track very slightly with no change. I’ve tried a real time mix but I get an drive-not-fast-enough error halfway through so it has to be offline. What is up with this? Anyone else see this?

I almost left out the most important detail. The song plays back without any trouble. The problem only occurs with offline mixdown.


I’ve had this happen before on a drive which had bad blocks. Played back okay but was not correct with offline mixdown. Replacing the drive fixed it.

The last time I had this problem I tried porting the project to a new drive but it didn’t make a difference. I am going to try it again and hopefully it is just a drive error. Thanks.


So I moved the project and I get the same error so it is not the drive. This is also what I experienced last time. I tried swapping out the problem area with a different take and still get the same error.
The significance around this is that when I ran into this problem before, it worked fine in N5.5. Also in N5.5 I could mix down large projects in real time that I can’t in N6 without a disk overload. This suggests that there is something wrong with the way the audio engine has changed in N6. It is not as efficient and is prone to error. I don’t see these problems show up on smaller projects, only with large ones. Hugh started a thread that also suggests this.

My workaround at this point is to do a realtime mixdown (I don’t get a disk overload when it is only for a few seconds) for a little more than the duration of the error and splice it into the full song mixdown that I can only do offline. Then I recreate the full song by doing another mixdown of the spliced version. PITA!

Please look into this Steinberg. I can send any files that may help.


I am the only one who has seen high track count projects that would real time mix in 5.5 that won’t in N6? Other errors not included?


I had this problem in n5.x and it boiled down to automation. Try to delete all automation on that track, in that range (automation panel).

I will give it a try although N5.5 is fine for me. The problem is only with N6x. Thanks mufi.