Serious Problem, Audio Engine restart, Send Crash Dump

This is in response to the notice that Dorico pops up, saying if this problem “happens frequently” I should report it. So, it happened on 4/21, 5/5, 5/8, and 5/10 (today). I think that qualifies. For comparison, the previous dump was from 3.5 on 9/7/2020, so it is clear that I am having lots more problems with the latest version(s).

It also asks what I was doing. It’s always something different, I believe. Today, I had just adjusted the direction of two ties, and was contemplating my next step (easily a couple of minutes) when Dorico crashed. When I restart it, I get this serious problem notice. I didn’t save the file (no need) and didn’t try to restart the audio engine, I just exited Dorico.

When I try to restart, Dorico remains in the background and I have to use the Task Manager to kill it. It then restarts and works fine, until the next crash.

Here’s the recent crash dump (I have the others also if you would like them).

Dorico 4 AudioEngine 64bit 2022.5.10 10.00.dmp (514.1 KB)

EDIT: So, today a slightly different mode. I had to reboot in order to get dorico to restart, it kept giving me the crash message (but didn’t generate new dumps).

Hi @sdb2 , sorry to hear about your trouble.

The particular crash dump that you posted, shows a crash of the audio engine while enabling an effect plug-in. I can’t really tell of what is the real cause behind it, but at least that is where the callstack points to.
Now, we definitely need a recipe of how to reproduce the problem, otherwise it is nearly impossible to find the cause and fix it. So I’d like to ask you to watch out and really try to find a pattern behind the crashes.
Also, please do in Dorico Help > Create Diagnostics Report and then post the corresponding zip file. It will contain logs files and more crash dumps. Maybe from that I can get a clearer picture.
Thank you very much

Hi, Thank you. I must say, this is a completely crazy crash, since I was doing absolutely nothing at all when it crashed and am not using playback or the audio engine.

Here’s the second crashdump of this morning. This happened when was using the alt-uparrow key to adjust the vertical spacing of a staff, and then pressed ctrl-s to save the file. As you see, I am trying, but there is absolutely no apparent pattern here.

I will upload the diagnostics after I reboot.

Thank you very much - as you can see, this is seriously impacting me :frowning_face:

Sorry, here is the CD
Dorico 4 AudioEngine 64bit 2022.5.10 11.08.dmp (523.5 KB)

Right, this is crazy. The second dump looks same, again while enabling a plug-in. So this is happening while opening a project. When do the notifications pop up? Way long after a project was opened?

Also, is it possible that you send me that project to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de? Maybe something with the data is wrong. Thanks

I really don’t understand why Dorico is even trying to load an audio plug-in, since I am not doing anything audio related. I am working on fitting the staves and measures together, not adding or editing notes, other than moving them from staff to staff occasionally!

The time varies, this was maybe 40 minutes of work on the project before this occurred. Weird.

I will send you the project and a link to the diagnostics in your mail. Thank you SO MUCH!

Scott, at least from looking at the Dorico crash dumps, I don’t think the crash you’re experiencing in Engrave mode is linked to whatever might be going on with the audio engine. One of the crash dumps suggests that the application crashed when trying to change the constraints for a selected frame – if you’re able to reproduce that at will, please provide the project and the steps to reproduce it so we can look into it further.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you. I also think the audio engine message is an epiphenomenon. I wish I could find a pattern to the crashes. Sometimes they happen when I’m just sitting there thinking, sometimes they happen when I’m adjusting the vertical height of a staff, there doesn’t seem to be a pattern other than they never happen during write mode stuff.

Is there a way to downgrade the file to 3.5? That was very stable.

AH, so I just open the file in 3.5. That’s nice!

Hi again, Daniel:

I just sent a video and a description to Ulf. It contains as close to a repeatable sequence as I can find.
Please let me know if this is fixable.

Thanks again for the support,