serious problem of recording

there is a little problem with the audio recording
after recording the voice , i heard 2 weird things
first , real silence before singing
then when i sing it doesn"t record the beginning of the voice , and in the end i hear a buzz , not very pleasant…

and again silence before the next sentence of my text
the silence is not an issue but the buzz at the end of the voice is really annoying

the audio extract is here (it’s french song, so don"t laught please , i know we ,french musicians, always suck compare to you… )

Noise gate in the insert that isn´t set up correctly?

really thank you for that , since this version of 9.5 (or maybe previous version i don’t know) cubase automatically set an insert : the vstdynamic
i don’t know why they did that with this version .

in the end when i bypass this insert , everything is ok
but the noise the rrrrrr is still present , maybe it’s my ua solo 610 or my blue kiwi microphone or my ff400 i don’t know.

matter of fact i just bought the u87 ,the neve shelford and the 6176 preamp from ua
maybe this new hardware will fix this stupid noise

thanks man you really rock