SERIOUS Problem, totally unresponsive tech support in US

The way I work is evidently unusual because I seem to develop issues that other people don’t have. I run up to 20 channels of external inserts. Up until 2 months ago I used the Lynx aes16e with an L22, and although there were glitches in sample rate changes, I figured out workarounds. Then I decided to upgrade from an L22 to an E44 - adding 2 more channels to my capability, and ever since I have experiences blasts of full scale noise cropping up and intermittent channel dropouts. Paul at Lynx has been doing the best he can, but he believes adding the 2 extra channels was a catalyst, not the source of the problem. He believes something could change if he could talk to someone higher up at Steinberg.

This is incredibly serious. I have clients; this is my business, and the problem is hence stressful on every level.

I’ve tried going through the normal support request process, but the tech failed to call at the appointed time, then gave me a direct phone number saying i could leave a message anytime and he would call back asap. I’ve left 4 messages and reached out again via email - all to no avail.

I think that’s beyond ridiculous. I understand Yamaha doesn’t want to pay an army of tech support workers to advise people to delete the contents of the app data folder, but there really should be a way to contact Steinberg when your system isn’t working and you’ve been troubleshooting for 2 months.

I have entirely rebuilt my computer, and tried 2 different motherboards, and upgraded Windows and Cubase. It seems pretty evident this is a software issue.

Would somebody please put me in touch with someone who could help?

You’re not alone in feeling as you do, my friend.

External inserts can only be described as flakey at best.

I only run a couple for hardware reverbs (EMT plate & BX20 spring), and getting them to work is utterly frustrating.

Very often the input just stops working in the middle of a session. You can sometimes get them to work by wacking up the send signal - this seems to re-trigger the input (for lack of a better term) as if there was a faulty gate on the channel and the signal comes back to life.

If I open a session with external inputs and they don’t work from the get go though, then it usually means closing and reopening the session a dozen or so times until the damn things work again.

I feel your pain.