Serious problem with cues

On the violin piano piece that I’m copying in D2 the piano has a voice from stave b crossed over to stave a. When I try to make a cue for the vln it ends up messed up. If I move the voice from stave b down to stave b and make the cue it’s fine, but when I put the voice in stave b back it makes a mess of the cue. I tried just inputting the cues as voice 2 in the vln which works in the part but shows up in the score. Most of the cues would be like this as I use cross staff beaming a lot. Seems like a catch 22 as I can’t delete the offending parts in the cues.

You’re right, cues don’t reflect cross-staff beamed notes. A workaround would be to create a second, hidden piano part for cues only. Call it “Piano Cue,” copy the piano score into it, and modify the notes there however you want the cues to be displayed. Then use the Engraving Option for cues to omit the name from the cue (since the piece is just two instruments anyways, so labels aren’t essential). And of course the flexibility of layouts allows you to omit that ghost piano part from the full score.

It doesn’t directly address the issue, but it seems to be a fairly easy solution.

As an addition, this cue worked but the rests are not properly aligned and don’t seem to be editable.

Thanks for the suggestion dankreider. I may have to resort to that but it seems like a lot of work.

The rests can be moved by switching to Engrave mode, even if they’re part of a cue.

It’s not difficult, honestly.

  • add a piano instrument in Setup
  • rename it to “Piano Cue” so it breaks the automatic numbering
  • Select the first bar of the “real” piano score and Select to End of Flow
  • Paste the whole thing into Piano Cue part
  • modify it there to make it appear exactly like you want for cues
  • add cues using the Piano Cues part
  • Engraving Options–Cues, omit instrument name
  • uncheck Piano Cue instrument from layouts

I’ve gotten used to these sorts of things for many of my scores. I don’t even think of it as a workaround, because layouts are easy to customize, and it gives me more control over what I want. In this case, you can use the ghost piano part to make the cues exactly how you want them shown. Easier than trying to tweak the cues themselves.
rest pos.png

I also have the same issue today. I hope Dorico developers improve the behaviour of the cues related to cross-staff issue…