Seriously Daniel,

And all the team at Dorico,

We are blessed to have such an amazing piece of scoring software. The new update looks amazing, I can’t wait to purchase on my next pay day!

Sorry to clog the forum with another post of praise but Dorico is clearly worth every penny.

I wish you could tell the naysayers to ‘get a life’ when complaining about upgrade prices…

Thanks so much, I consider it a great privilege to be able to get in on the ground floor with Dorico, offer my two cents where appropriate for my needs (a la a Beta Tester as some would call it) as predominately a guitarist, and gladly pay for software of the highest calibre which surpasses my estimates of what notation software can achieve by lightyears on V2.

Simply amazing.

Warwick Payne

Thank you, Warwick. It means a lot to hear that kind of feedback from our paying customers. I really hope you enjoy using Dorico 2!

I must write I agree with Sadhaka a 100% !
Of course this software is not cheap, but it does deliver very high professional output, and to me this is invaluable (and for all my friends who ask me to produce some scores as well !)

Awesome software. Worth every penny! :slight_smile:

A day or so later since I’ve downloaded it and read the Version History back to front…

There’s a colossal amount here, some of which I’m unlikely to use, the vast majority of which will be very useful indeed. Particularly appealing are Automation, the New Arranging Tools (Wow!), the System Track and Playing Techniques. Integration with Note Performer was top of my list, so that’s a huge tick.

I look forward to seeing Anthony’s videos as he goes through all the new improvements - it’s a great way to learn and pick up tips.

The only negative: I’m still not sure about the Play page - I have a basic problem with the piano roll; it’s never felt right to me, almost like it’s from a different program. Personally I would much prefer a galley view of the score - but Dorico has a habit of proving me wrong and the Piano Roll may well be the way to go. I’m just not sure.

The only advice I could give by way of feedback is that it would be a good target before we get to Version 3 to have everything that’s on the page playing back. All the repeats, all the articulations etc. All playing back. That’d be sweet…

Huge congratulations to the team for the new version. It’s brilliant and, by the way, it arrived WAY ahead of when I was expecting it. I had it down for September.

Same here (the congrats and gratitude, I mean).

For me personally, this upgrade adds everything of any substance that I needed for my work (I write large and small ensemble music, including choral music and a lot of jazz, all involving traditional notation.) I was already using Dorico for 100% of my work, but all the workarounds I was using will now be gone, and everything will go faster.

The arranging tools, the jazz stuff (slash notation, one/two/four-bar repeats), the staff management tools, large time signatures (critical for conductor scores involving mixed and changing meters) — these things are the bread and butter of my work.

So like so many others are already saying, I add my gratitude for not only the effectiveness but the elegance of this remarkable software.

And let’s not forget that we Dorico users are just a small niche market compared to word processor and spreadsheet users. We are really fortunate to have this exceptional tool to work with.

I’m always puzzled by the money complaints.
Crossgrading from Sibelius, having a great program with lightning fast outstanding support and couple of years with several good upgrades for free. Then pay 900 SEK for a good step to 2.0!
I’m a poor guy but I think that is CHEAP!

Another note of congratulations!

Like many users here I was taken aback by the announcement and release of Dorico 2 - I thought it would take place much later in the year.
The thoroughness and abundance of new features is rather impressive. There is so much good stuff in here.

For such a number of new features the upgrade price is really good.
I also love all the thought and planning that is going into each implementation.

Well done to all of you!


Ditto with the praise. Great upgrade at a very reasonable price. I’ve already used the video and system editor and they both hit the mark.