Seriously, is there -any- point in posting another Freeze Dump

…when Cubase 12.04 gets locked after my PC goes to sleep overnight?

The problem is, for those of you who HAVEN’T been dealing with this for YEARS, my post probably sounds snippy.

But… it’s not merely that I’ve been dealing with this for years, it’s that I’ve posted and posted and posted… and posted… the same specs and shite a DOZEN times and for Christ’s sake I want -someone- to take this seriously. I -can’t- be the only one. And there -must- be a way to troubleshoot this which does NOT require -moi- to go through another round of “test each plug-in one by one and each video setting one by one and…” Been there. Done that. -Many- times.

In short, I’m sure some will see this as me wanting “something for nothing”. No. I was -extremely- cooperative the first 10-20 times. Now, I’m PISSED OFF. I want =Steinberg= to go the extra mile. I’ve been a loyal customer for 20+ years and I don’t have time or patience anymore to go through all that QA. I need someone -else- to do the legwork for once.

I cannot recall the last time my PC went to sleep overnight and Cubase was -not- frozen. It’s actually gotten objectively -worse- with 12.04 and my -strong- suspicion is that it has to do with the new Licenser, because when I End Task and re-start the Licenser usually fails to run, thus necessitating a soft boot.

At least with 11, Cubase -usually- was cool for a couple of days at a time. Now, every frickin’ morning it’s frozen.

None of my other ASIO apps do this, btw. Wavelab? -Never- gets stuck.

And FWIW, I’ve had the -same- Haswell PC and onboard video, the same soundcard (RME HDSP 9652), the same OS (Win10/64), the same -everything- now for =years=. I’ve kept it -intentionally- as bog standard as possible because that is all I need. The -only- variable is -Cubase-.

Cubase 64bit 2022.8.13 (2.4 MB)


My initial response was a simple “No.”

The new forum, however, requires a response to be at least five characters long, and mine – even including the full stop – was a mere three.

While I’m filling space here, I might as well add that you can expect to be told that your PC is too old.

While I’ve been lucky enough to not have to depend on Steinberg’s official support very often, my personal experience has been that it is so dismal as to discourage me from ever attempting to contact them again, which seems to be on a par with so-called “support” across all services these days.

The logic is simple: route all service requests to a barn full of low-paid unfortunates working off a script, whose only motivation is to close your “ticket”, usually after sending you through a loop on a corporate “support” website which invariably ends in being unable to solve your problem, because, basically, if you were that stupid you could have sorted it yourself.

Now, @Steinberg, perhaps you might reduce the minimum required characters in a response from 5 to 3, in which case you would have been spared my rant.


I have the same problem, every time I release a new version of Cubase, it drags the bugs of the first one again, they are dedicated to repairing the bugs that they had already fixed in the previous version, the important thing for Steinberg is that you make the disbursement of the 100 euros per year with each update. What’s more, you can explain to support what the problem is and they don’t understand it.
The same solution reinstall or test plugins. That is, as they say around here, a piece of shit nailed to a stick.

I actually was hoping to get a response from SB that didn’t involve going through the same rigamarole as before.

As a former software developer, my company had an internal policy we called “Presidential Pardons”. :smiley: Frankly, we’d take pity on certain long-suffering customers with very specific (but hard bugs). We’d assign somebody to get to the bottom of it, which -was- annoying for the engineer, but it 99/100 it would get solved. It was just a total PITA.

My computer system is old and underpowered (see profile), but I have left it on inadvertently several times overnight without any problem.

I usually remember to turn it off at night though.

No biggie if you don’t want to answer, but I’m wondering why it’s so important to not turn it off at night. Maybe that’s what i should be doing instead …

I’ll tell ya exactly why…

I had over a -decade- where I could just walk into the studio, day or night, and just start -playing- Cubase. I leave a project open and when I get an idea, I JUST START PLAYING.

Like grabbing a guitar and strumming.

Rebooting my PC and opening my standard CPR takes 5-10 minutes. Now that Cubase is locking up, I get an idea and… I just -wait- 5-10 minutes to get going.

It’s a total buzz kill. Imagine getting an idea, grabbing yer guitar and… waiting 10 minutes for the thing to ‘warm up’.

I also want to say, to no one in particular, that in 20 years I never had a complaint with ‘the dongle’.

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Got it, thx, @suntower .

I remember cubase freezing and crashing from time to time if I left my pc running for a while (Usually more than 1 night).
It got way worse in cubase 12 for me too, each time I leave cubase open at night it will freeze and crash if I start working on it the next morning…
I just close Cubase each night and run it again in the morning usually takes a couple of minutes to load (Make a coffe or a spliff to start the day).
I think maybe because cubase got heavier and demands more compute resources (cpu,ram) with each software release.
You are not alone, cubase crashing on me mid project … It has become the norm…