Seriously not a single review!?! - Addendum

Did the last post get locked because I criticised Steinberg marketing? Isn’t that a little unnecessary?

I’ve been investing in Steinberg products for over 20 years and still rely on them to make my living, so I feel that I have a right to open a discussion when I feel that a fantastic piece of software that I have made a commitment to is being undermined by terrible marketing. I’m well aware of print times and I know that magazines are always keen to get hands-on previews so that they can get their reviews out early.

I don’t know the L.A post scene, but I’ve been working in London for about ten years. There are maybe 2 or 3 small places here who use Nuendo and that tends to be because their founders have come through the National Film and Television School, which as I said has now scrapped Nuendo so that source is going to dry up pretty quick. Everyone else uses Pro Tools and I tend to get a lot of nervousness from directors when they see that I’m using software they’ve never heard of.

I’ll still keep using Nuendo because I’m stubborn and I absolutely love working with it, but I don’t think I should be censored just because I have genuine concerns about the company’s future.

I would expect that at least part of this is due to the situation at Avid and not entirely due to Nuendo’s merits. Of course, new users are new users irrespective of why they migrate, and if Avid is helping drive people to Nuendo, that’s just how the world wags. And rightfully so.

It was since the times of N 1.5 that with every major release a group of pro users have complained that SB does not really rip themselves appart to get proper Promotion and articles. Even valuable hints and suggestions comming from their own user base were widely ignored. And that was not helping the studios to convince customers having come to the right place, even w/o produlls.
With a 10th of promo efforts that Alsihead has shown Nuendo could be on par with them.
They just don’t do it, even if they have this superior product on the market.
Seems to be a tradition thingy.
Beyond me …

Big K ( selfemployed for 25 years, now…)