Seriously not a single review!?!

Good to see that Steinberg marketing department is doing its usual bang-up job. Trying to find some reviews for N7 and there aren’t any. So not a single publication (sound on sound/ computer music/ music tech etc) even know that Nuendo 7 exists. People aren’t going to buy a product if they don’t know about it and I’m not going to pay for an upgrade when I don’t have any trusted, impartial reviews to go by.

How do Steinberg expect to ever compete when they don’t promote their products? I recently heard that the National Film and Television School, which runs probably the world’s foremost Sound Post Production course has got rid of all their Nuendo Systems and is now teaching exclusively on Pro Tools due to the fact that almost nobody is using Nuendo. So that’s another 8 Sound Designers entering the industry every year who will never be using Nuendo.

Nuendo is light-years ahead of the competition, but nobody uses it. So frustrating to see a good product go down the drain.

probably because Cubase gets most of the features first, there are always lots of Cubase reviews and the Nuendo reviews are sparse.


Nuendo 7 is released for about 6 weeks. Reviews are in the making and will follow. You should consider review and
print lead time. There have ALWAYS been reviews in all major magazines for the major Nuendo updates, so it will be this time.

What makes you think that nobody uses Nuendo? Just because it might not be spread in L.A.? It is true that in L.A. - and this is the PT hotspot - there might be less Nuendo users compated to PT users in that area. But that doesn’t say anything for the rest of the world, where Nuendo has been growing significantly (double-digit percentage) in the last 18 months, especially in game audio, ADR and mid-size post-production.