Seriously Steinberg??!!

How come there are GUI issues like this riddled all over the app and you’re now on Cubase 10 before fixing things like this that should never be left like this??? I can’t move around the open window for menu item I’ve opened up and I don’t have access to the rest of the window… WTF? I have a standard 1080p monitor and that’s probably the defacto standard for virtually every home user using Cubase and I can’t click and drag the rest of the Chord Pad interface up any further to see any more of the window I’m trying to configure.


Sorry, could you be more specific, please? What steps you did? What’s your expectation? What’s different from your expectation?

Just like the chord assistant (in chord tracks). Once opened, you cannot move the window around. It then blocks the view to most of my tracks. It’s a little awkward, but not live threatening… Its funny thought, in the chord pads the “chord assistant” appears in a floating window that can be moved around. In the chord track itself, the “chord assistant” is static and fixed. A little inconsistent…

@ BatteryPack: Seems like you discovered a bug. I was able to recreate it:

1.) Open Lower Zone
2.) Choose “Chord Pads”
3.) Select “Players”
4.) Click on the “Custom…” button.

The menu that opens, appears cut off and parts of the lower menu disappears below the screen.

What size is your display? Is this a matter of the window being too big for the resolution?

I have a multiple 3-display setup. My displays are regular HD size, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 19 inch.

I am using 2x 19 inch screens (left / right) and one big screen in the middle (40 inch, same resolution).

If this error cannot be replicated on single screens, maybe its a multiple screen issue. Would be interesting to see what setup “BatteryPack” has…