Seriuos bug in audio sample editor

Every time on mouse click different sample playing.

Video is too big to upload, so here is link , there was problem to write audio in video, so audio level is low, but you can hear problem.

I don’t know much about the Sample editor, but I think you need to use the tool indicated by the red arrow:


You have Audition tool selected. It starts to preview the audio from the place, where do you click to.

Hello, i used this editor in my previuos CUBASE AI version with no issues, all begins from PRO installation. I believe this time it’s not my fault. Something in PRO version is not good.

Please read again previous replies.

Please … i used this tool many times, i know how it works. I never had any trouble before. Now same sample sounds random every time, that where problems is. So how do something, then you get random sound.

If you want any help, you’ll need to be more specific.
From my perspective it looks like all you do is complain about how bad Cubase Pro is.
Please describe exactly what you need help with.


It seems awkward, but try to do this:

  • disable asio-guard
  • change buffer size (audio-card settings)
  • disable CPU heaper-threading (BIOS settings)

Just had a long lengthy e-mail correspondence with the support with no success…
The same exact situation.
The cause of this issue remains unknown to me


If it is the PLAY tool ( in the sample editor) playing from random places, but visually showing it is playing from were you clicked ?
Then yes, I don’t think they ever fixed that bug, it has been that way for many years.
Oddly enough, the PLAY tool works fine in the arranger.

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C’mon dude! just watch the video!

Support said that they couldn’t reproduce this!
And that was the end of the conversation :grin:


Actually, I cannot reproduce it neither.

Have you tried to disable Cubase preferences, please? Have you tried to backup and delete all your Cubases preferences, to make sure, you get the factory settings?

Hello, you mean exact same problem?


… long time correspondence means that was the first thing they suggest :grin:
And this is the first thing i did before contacting the support.
This might be some hardware-depended issue


I found this bug same day PRO version was installed, and as i said before free AI version works fine here.

It is very random, I can click 5 times and it is working correctly every time. Then the next 3 clicks play from different positions. But not hard to reproduce, just keep clicking :wink:
I only have used PRO since Cubase 3.

Hello, i like that “just keep clicking :wink::grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Annoying thing, that we paid for this and can’t use this. Thats where problem is.

Please upload the audio file.

what you mean audio file ?