serius problem in win 7 ?

when i try to use the group track edit foe a drum (for example) the program show me this error message:
"the tracks in folder are
not completely in sync. group editing could fail! "
in win xp the group editing is perfect.
sorry 4 my english

I got the same message couple of times, than I realized that solution is to bounce all the drum tracks in folder, so they are the same size (length).

The Grouped Editing treats events on all tracks together when their start and end times are identical. If they are not, you get the message just to warn you, that events with different start/end times may not be affected by your edits - which can have a bad effect with certain workflows, e.g. when you want to quantize a multi track drum recording (keyword “phase coherency”).

If you record on multiple tracks at once, resulting events already have identical start/end times. If not, there are several ways to remedy such a situation, e.g. by grabbing the event start of events and drag them all to the same start position (the same goes for the end). Bouncing is another way, albeit a little bit wasteful.

but in win xp the same trax don’t do it.

i know that this is a first bug :slight_smile:.
fix it quickly please

I don’t think this is a bug. It’s a warning you previously wouldn’t get - just to make you aware of a possible problem that could occur.

Luck, Arjan

so what i do when i found this problem?
do i sized all tracks in same mode? :question:

hey i am running into the same issue!

Everything is starting and stopping at the exact same moments – and it keeps hucking up my edits

Also it will randomly not include certain tracks in the edit group?!?
I’m editing by section so on one verse, the kick doesn’t group on the chorus one of the rooms…
i am sure i am just doing something stupid, but i really hope it is not just me!

alrighty i just rebounced all the tracks… so exactly same heads and tails and i am still getting this error…
What gives?
I’ll install on OSX and see if it all is well…

hey so installed c6 on OSX 10.6… and the issue is gone… easy peasy editing on drums…

Not a huge deal (minus have a couple of hours of frustration and lost work) but i wonder is it a 64 bit issue or a windows 7 issue in general?

FYI Im having exactly the same problems in XP 32bit. However, the problem seems to disappear when you bounce the tracks and treat the whole song as a chunk of audio, as apposed to sections.

Like someone else said, its version 6.0.0 so there will be little bugs, let just hope they get ironed out in version 6.0.1!