Serum crashes Cubase Pro 12

Wondering if you’ve seen this before. I was using an older version of Serum in Cubase (the non VST-3 version), and was unable to reopen a Cubase project that had 4 or 5 Serum instances loaded.

I then downloaded the latest version of Serum (VST 3) and began a new project, where I instantiated 7 Instances of Serum. I closed the project and just for kicks immediately reopened it to see if it would open, and wouldn’t you know it… Cubase Crashed again. I cannot open the project.

The project works fine with all those Serums in it… you just can’t reopen the project without Cubase Crashing.

Have you seen this before? I’m on Cubase

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Hi Mike. Not sure if this will help with this specific issue but your C12 version is out of date.

We are up to 12.0.51 now.

Thanks Phil,

Much appreciated. Not sure if that will address the issue, but worth a shot.

Never had this problem before in my current C12 version, but who knows!

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Serum went to VST3? New one on me. I thought it was stuck on VST2.4 till Serum 2.

Apparently Serum VST3 is in beta. So it is hard to tell whether the cause of the crash is Serum, the Serum replacement (VST3 instead of VST2) or Cubase.
@mikereaganmusic You can post your crash file here. I cannot read it out but maybe someone who can will have a look to find the source of the crash. Of course such basic information like which OS you are using might be helpful.

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Thanks Johnny,

So sorry I’m seeing this just now. Unfortunately I don’t have the crash files on hand, but if it happens again I’ll post!