Server down again?

What’s up with the servers? I upgraded my PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10 using a fresh install but when I want to activate my Cubase 8 AI installation it responds with an error message saying that a connection could not be established to the license server. I already tried disabling my Anti-Virus and Firewall to no avail so suspect it’s a server-side issue…

Can someone shed some light over the issue?

Thanks in advance!


Have you installed the latest elicenser?

Of course. Updated it two hours ago.

Running as administrator?

Error remains

Are there more things that I could try?

How about if you try another process from elicenser…synch and maintenance for example…is it the same message?

Are you using a 3rd party firewall a/v?? If so make sure MS versions don’t activate themselves when you disable yours.

On win10 you will need to install eLicenser as admin.

Yes, these operations give the same message.

No third party firewall or antivirus here, just the Windows Firewall and Defender.

Any program installation needs to be done as admin, right?

No. You need to right click the installer and specify to run as administrator.

I tried it out but the installer always asks for administrator rights first. But anyways, I tried completely removing eLicenser and then reinstalling again (with admin rights) and that doesn’t solve anything…

This is really bad, I really like Cubase a lot but upgrading to Cubase Elements isn’t likely to solve it either (since what tells me that that will work?)

Is there nothing I could do to debug the error?

If you’re 100% certain that you installed elicencer as admin and that you are also running elicencer control centre as admin, then I’m stuck. It must be something in your router/firewall/av/windows setup blocking it.

Do you have any other computer to try on this connection…or can you get your computer to a different connection?

Other than this I’m afraid you’re stuck waiting for Steinberg support response and that could take some time.

One other thing to be clear…you are not trying to enter the same activation code you used before??
There is another process needed to get a new re-activation code if you had the software installed before.
But I don’t think this is related to your problem.

My music computer is a fixed PC so I can’t really take it to another connection. I could try it on my laptop though…

Yes, I got myself a new re-activation code using MySteinberg. But I would expect a different message in that case :wink:

But thanks for your help anyways!

How long does it typically take before the Customer Service responds?

Have seen reports of anything from a few days to 3 or 4 weeks to occasional complaints of never getting a response!

If you’re in a country with phone support I would advise you try that.

The license servers are up and running, which suggests a configuration problem on your side of the network.

In case all else fails, please use eLCC to create a “Support File” and send it via e-mail to Steinberg’s tech support.

PS: The eLicenser Control installer requires administrative permissions, and will request the permission elevation itself through the default system dialog.
There is no need for extra measures like starting the installer via “Run as administrator”.

I already filled in a support request on 26-04-2016 but I haven’t seen any kind of response yet…

Yes! Yes! Yes! I found it! :smiley: :smiley:

The Steinberg support didn’t help me a lot till now, but it turned out that I had to disable IPv6 in the options for my networkcard:
2016-05-17 20_08_47-Eigenschappen van Ethernet 2.png
Thanks for your help everyone!