Is something wrong with the server? I’ve try to download the trial of cubase 6.5, but every time I encounter an error. Ive try to resume the download like 30 40 times and when I download it “Some installation files are corrupt. Please download a fresh copy and retry the installation” Then I try to download from different computer and the result was the same.

So guys, from where can I download it, because my trial is tic-tac-ing.

Thanks in advance!


So here from germany it seems that i have no problem to download the trialversion.
10min for 1.8gB with mozilla firefox
You location from where you try to download is?

Also unpacked and installed trial no problems.

Greetz Bassbase

Tested here.
Works fine.

Are you using a download manager (other than the normal one in your browser)?
If your are, don’t.
Asknet doesn’t like download managers.

Unfortunately, that is the only place to download the trial from.

I am from Bulgaria, and I’m using Opera (win7). But I try with Internet Explorer 9, same problem. I even download a download manager (flash get 3) again the same. Then I try with my macbook (opera browser) and same :frowning:

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Perhaps you check your conenctions with this site you can ping server worlwide to see if you get the bandwidth you pay for. Just to make sure your internet provider is fine.

Greetz Bassbase