Servers Bottlenecking is a sign of success - Congrats to Steinberg on your high sales

Really can’t fret to much. Companies have servers for expected volumes, the fact Steinberg has more business than they expected is a congrats from me even though I haven’t been able to update, and I’m sure they’ll have a better system in the future.

Congrats Steinberg


It just shows how many pro audio people around the world that have been on lockdown prefer to use Cubase as their production /editing tools whiles not being able to work in this climate .

Well done Steiny Your are the best , that’s why i’m still here after 30 years +1

I’m detecting a bit of sarcasm here. I hope so as I feel dead sarcastic myself. Two days and the Download assistant isn’t playing ball with me.

not sarcastic at all,

glad they’re having success and hope they can resolve their issues

Despite the unfortunate wait, look at the bright side: unlike toilet paper, the supply of Cubase 11 won’t run out. :laughing:
As an aside, there was no problem updating at 11 minutes past 11 o’clock on the 11th of the 11th, as I predicted. :sunglasses:
The bottom line is, it’s worth the wait. Well done Steinberg, we’ll forgive you, apology accepted.

To avoid servers bottlenecking in the future, I would recommend Steinberg to seek advice from YouPorn’s server engineers… :laughing: