Servers down?

I’ve been re-installing my PC the whole night and now I can’t have access to the server ??

Very poor. eLicenser down for over 24 hours then up for less than one hour and now down again. As someone who worked in Innovation and design on very large projects I &D in IT /Telecomms IMO it is appalling that a system has so little resilience and clearly no backup options when a P1 (total loss of service) event occurs.
Steinberg is not exactly a backstreet small organisation and has affected users Worldwide. Given looking back on various forums this sort of issue has gone on for years it calls into question the whole fundamental architecture /infrastructure supporting eLicenser. Come on Steinberg get your act together. Internal investigation after the dust settles on this latest fiasco should be the order of the day. Minor down times and local issues are inevitable from time to time but over 24 hours and counting is absolutely unacceptable.


A statement from the people working now on it:

“We are working on an alternative, hopefully more permanent approach to resolve this issue.
Unfortunately, the time required is similarly high to the first attempt. Therefore I don’t expect visible results today. Nevertheless, we are making progress behind the scenes.”

Can they not put something on the Steinberg support 'Licence Server Outages '? The last entry was 8:20 AM CET
“Unfortunately, the license server is offline again. We have started the analysis.” With the weekend fast approaching people need to know what is happening or, at least, be made aware whatever happens it ain’t happening today! Much as I like Steinberg (I started with an AtariSt1024 and Pro 24?? I think it was called) and ever since then Licensing and dongles has been Cubase’s Achilles heel.

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Just to note that, coincidentally or not, there were major server outages affecting the likes of Xbox and Youtube last night.

facts bro… This is ridiculous… As much money as I spent on this software I can’t even freaking use it… Shit is insane…

We’ve been hearing about a replacement for eLicenser for years. Years! Since 2018 in my case.

I see that there’s a 3.52 update for Dorico. Wonderful — if I could download it. I installed the latest Download Assistant so now, instead of never launching, it’s upgraded to a spinning beach ball that never stops. I know I can go to my User Area and download it from there — except I can’t. After I log in, I find that it, too, is down.


Hi Mikelhalloran,
we are very sorry about the inconvenience. At least the 3.5.12 update you can grab via our website at Dorico 3.5 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg . That service is up and running.

And we are honestly working on an eLicenser replacement. The plan was to have something by now, but on the way we are facing many issues, so we are behind schedule. Patience please.

Thanks. Got it.

Download Assistant still has never worked, however. Now I get this — an improvement? I’ve submitted this issue a few times over the years.

Out of curiosity, and since IT support in any reputable organisation faced with a Priority 1 fault involving total loss of service would be working round the clock to fix it, are Steinberg working over the weekend since there have been no updates since the Friday Morning one on the Support page - What is going on? This is unbelievable coming from a major company with a Worldwide customer base.

I agree I bought this software from Sweetwater about 6 days ago. I finally get my Elicenser usb in the mail and I still cant use the software. I spent $600. As of this moment I have received nothing for my money.

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I just today bought the upgrade from cubase P10 to P11, wish I would’ve seen this forum before I made the purchase, because Ive been getting connection issues to ELCC while trying to redeem my activation. Also tried to run maintenance in ELCC but met with same connection errors. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled many times but to no avail.

could this potentially be a result of my operating system(Big Sur) not being up to date? Ever since I updated to “Big Sur” I’ve honestly had some minor problems in Cubase which I was hoping that upgrading to 11 would help that a little. from what I’ve read so far there Is not a fix to this problem yet other than just trying again, right?

It looks like its the server. I doubt it will be fixed till Monday, Tuesday. I hope you enjoyed paying for frustration as much as I have. In the meantime feel free to download Cubasis for Iphone or android. I have been using it to pass the time.

The server is up and running again.

Our deepest apologize for the inconvenience we caused.

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