Service please Id #242625 Its been over 10 days

Hi SB team

I submitted a ticket and still no acknowledgement or response.
Can someone please look at my ticket please.
Ive made a lot of effort along with a 3rd party developer to diagnose the issue/crash and provided you with the info and attachments.
Its been 11 days now.
Would you please check in and take some ownership please so we can move forward.
Thank you


Sorry you’re experiencing that. Steinberg support is the worst I’ve experienced of any software I’ve owned, so I wouldn’t expect a timely or helpful answer. If you can call and get someone on the phone, that would be the better option.

10 days - that’s nothing - I’ve some that haven’t had a response for several months

Thanks guys. Just hoping this flags some service required that we’ve paid for. Not ranting, just hoping for some genuine service.
Always fails me how companies around black Friday do not ensure they have continuity provisions in place to ensure their business is covered, as I am predicting that kind of response.
A simple acknowledgement email would be nice and helpful. To me this is just dam right rude, but I come from a customer business background.

it’s ‘normal’ for steinberg - and no it probably won’t flag anything unfortunately.

In my experience (which is extensive !) SB support is about as bad as it gets - even if you do get a reply it will almost certainly be uninformed and not an actual solution to the problem so I wouldn’t hold your breath