Service Release????

It is now next week and still no Service Release… Is this ever going to happen? What’s going on at the Mothership?
Do we need to start looking at other options? Nuendo 6 just finally got stable with the 6th!!! service release since the bug infested initial release in March, and WL8 is still a mess on the MAC; releases have been promised for the past two months and yet nothing.

Steinberg has always delivered great products, yes a few issues here and there, but never anything close to what’s been going on this year. Is this a Yamaha issue of not funding testing anymore?
PT 11 has been solid in the initial release, something that I never would expected from Avid but other than the 3rd party lack of AAX upgrades it’s incredibly impressive. Does SB not care about the pro marked anymore?
We who use SB products for a living are depending on these products.
I’m not even upset anymore, this whole thing is making me sad…

The version is ready. There is just some procedure to follow to put it online. This will happen later this week.


last week I’ve stated that it will be available this week. WaveLab 8.0.2 will be released tomorrow.


:frowning: please don’t postpone it again. Our nerves are overused, and enough is enough !


last week I’ve stated that it will be available this week. WaveLab 8.0.2 will be released tomorrow.


It’s tomorrow :laughing:

once again “tomorrow” … :laughing:

Today is the day innit:)

Maybe in the evening? :unamused:

:imp: In fact, it will be tomorrow. the working day is nearly over.
For me WaveLab 8 will probably be last version, that I purchase from Steinberg.
It’s simple a effrontery.
At first an incomplete release, and then customer have to wait weeks before all problems are solved.
Many thanks Steinberg

What really puzzles me is why it takes days to put up a release. According to PG, 8.0.2 is ready since a few days.

Hi guys,

Try this;

Sweet…grabbing it now!


Try this; > … h%20Update

:question: What’s that for a nonsens ?? Is it normal that steinberg don’t announce new updates on their side ? Do you must be an insider to find such releases ?
OK ! I will shut up. Now we are all happy (hopefully) that we have the update. :slight_smile:

Thank you. And if you want to be up to date, try the Steinberg RSS feed. It’s always fastest with SB news.

Actually, I was reading this thread and wondering like everyone else. I had WaveLab open and right before I shut down, just on a fluke, I clicked on “Check for Updates” and there it was! PG said it would be released and he was right.