Session and csh. file very big, How to minimize?

I’m the sound designer on the Series “Siren” for Freeform, currently have 24 (1 hr) Episodes on my timeline with over 300 tracks of audio in the session including some instruments and sampler tracks. The session is running just fine but what I am finding is the session and csh file are getting very big (Duh). Session file 345.3Mb and csh 481.5Mb. Media bay tells me I have Audio files; 27332, Used; 18795 Total Size; 203GB External files 9828

I had to turn autosave off because when that kicks in it bogs my session down especially if I happen to work on something requiring more resources. I use DOP on my audio a lot and don’t want to make it permanent till I export the Episode for the dub stage.

I would like to make the session and csh file smaller increasing the speed of saving time and also then able to put autosave back on. I would delete the older episodes but need them on my timeline as we refer to older episodes all the time.
Would committing all the DOP on the files making my session file smaller? I don’t want to try it without knowing it as its permanent. Curious if anyone has any idea’s as I can’t think of any myself at the moment.

cheers and thanks!


“Make Direct Offline Processing Permanent” function would degrease the *.csh file size.

That did the trick as I thought it would, I was hoping not having to do this but not much choice.

Thanks Martin,