Session Recall app

I have just started using a hybrid setup with some 500 series gear and have been thinking about how to best store the session settings. Came across Session Recall in another forum. The app has modelled the UIs of a lot of analog gear. You can store the gear settings by turning the knobs and pushing the buttons/switches. This is how session recall should work for analog gear without digital control. The app is free but you need to pay for the gear you want to use. The gear prices are ok in my opinion.

Yes, it’s an amazing app and the developer who is from France is VERY responsive to equipment requests if something you need isn’t available and also, there is some gear such as Maselec that you have to find in the “generic” category because for some reason, some companies have not authorized him to use the exact designs which is odd because this is not a plugin, it’s something that only helps the users of their hardware.

Anyway, it’s a great tool and the modules are very affordable. Anybody that says taking photos is better/easier must not be mastering many songs per week because there is no way I’d ever want to manage that many photos of equipment settings.

Session Recall is a dream come true.