Session Singer fees?

Does anyone know what or where to find average session singer rates?

Professional singer.
Project: Commercial client (not advert) work.

It depends entirely on what musician’s local you’re in. A good friend of mine is a session player in LA (percussion) and I’ve heard him say the current rate is $100/hour. If you look at the LA website, however, it appears the rate is much higher than that, so I’m a bit confused.

In my mind, at our level – professional but not LA, NY, or Nashville, $50/hour seems about right

My singer will do the occasional session at between 100$ and 150$ an hour.

$125 per track, $25 per backing track. One free modification (“Sing it in 9/8 time, please!” … “OK, like this, 'Taco Taco Taco Burrito”?) then $25 per modification beyond that.

There are a bunch of other “on-line” session singer services too, I believe.

Anyone ever use them?

What do you need?

From my client:

I am also trying to find a tenor in your area since I will be there. I have used singers from NYC recently but I hope to find someone who can handle semi classical and a more folk sound. Imagine someone singing “Swanee River” and “John Henry” convincingly.

Cool… Thats just what I needed. Looking for locals for some projects. :slight_smile: