Sessionview like ableton/btwig?

Hi…,i used cubase for 25 years. This period i started to study more deeply electronic music…for doing experimental electronic and i though that going to ableton/bitwig could help for the feature of these daws.Also for refreshing the brain in learnin new daw. For the first weeks all seemed so exciting in ableton/bitwig…but yesterday i opened again afer a while cubase and i realize that overall i could the same thing. And the gui, in th eend, i like it more…much more clean anc clear…i breathe better :slight_smile: Yes, automation and modulation it is not so nice like in the others daw…but still can be done to all parameters, isnt’it? What really is missing is the session view style…with clips launcher…So i wonder…is there any plugin or other means to replicat esomeway that behaviour?

I love Cubase, I’ve been using it for years, but if you think that Cubase is only missing session view, I think you still need to experience bitwig. Modulation, track rack, track hybrid, grouping, advanced routing etc etc… unfortunately bitwig lacks many things that Cubase has, such as vari audio, chord tracks etc etc…


i haven’t experienced all these things yet! :slight_smile: wheni opened again cubase and i was so fast i said myself…i can live wih cubase again and save the time of learning a new daw for other pourposes. Yes probably all the things that bitwig lack compared to cubase are less useful for doing experimental electronic music…
In the end …each one lacks something and has something…how to weight what is better?

i quicly looked at grouping container…well this can be done in cubase also…it looks smarter in btwig…but it can be done in cubase…isnt’it?

There are two types of grouping:
1 tracks: in bitwig a folder is also a group (cubase only has folders)
2 Racks: You can create parallel chains, grouping fx, and more.

are you Italian?

yes italian
DOing more experikment with instruments track and instruments selector and built in modulator…these things of course look really interesting though

Me too :wink:

The modulations are awesome you can use them with any parameter and any plugin.

:slight_smile: yes i am seeing at it. For this seems better than ableton. I still believe that all these things can in someway be done in cubase also but not so quick of course.
So you have switched form cubase to Bitwig? I am still undecided…first i was doubt if move to ableton or btwig…now i have put again cubase in the choice :grinning: as i said it will need time to move to anew daw and knowing it properly
ahh…want to ask …i see that btwg allow to open more project…can’t figure out what could be good for this feature

I have both, although I’ve been using bitwig more lately. In Cubase I really miss the “Vari Audio” and the chord track for making secondary voices.

I’ve never used it but it is used to copy project parts (audio parts, midi, tracks etc) but you can also do it in Cubase.

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Cubase definitely needs clip launching and a modular system, i just upgraded from C12 to C13, and honestly there’s some decent stuff, but nothing groundbreaking, i regretted buying it almost instantly, if Steinberg doesn’t implement modern music making techniques i have no choice but to move to another DAW after 15 years using cubase religiously, and I’ve seen a lot of producer friends make the switch already,i stuck with cubase out of love but that only goes so far, we’re in 2023 but some people are happy being stuck in the past, these new techniques will change nothing for those people in fact it might spark something amazing, they go on about resources being wasted , yo look at the c13 update, new skin for useless midi inserts , talk about wasted resources, the “new” gui looks terrible, a vocal chain vst?? A terrible Pultec emulation(yes its terrible), talk about wasted resources, Cubase needs to upgrade to 2023!!