Sessionwire plugin error

Hello. The sessionwire plugin (send) causes an error. VST live does not work with it. Cubase and Nuendo work flawlessly with it. (sessionwire dot com)

… we’ll check. What exactly is not working?


It freezes the system. (I want to send the sound to OBS, at 48 kHz)


I am running VST Live 1.4.63, MacOS and the “Sessionwire Send” Plug-In in the MAIN Output of VST Live. No problems …

What should I do to get it freezed?


I’m not sure running VST Live and OBS (or any other audio/video/DAW like software) in parallel can be expected to work flawlessly. We generally don’t recommend to do that. It may work or not.
Wether that is the culprit of this problem is unclear, though.

If I import the plugin into a new project, it runs flawlessly. But I tried to import it into the concert program, which has 10 songs, and then the software freezes. I sent the screenshot privately.
I only use OBS to save my screen, for example for educational purposes. But I need this plugin to record audio. (When using 44.1kHz, it is not needed because the loopback function of Audient id 14 works well. But when using 48kHz, there is no sound.) Vst Live 1.4.63, Windows 10

I have a copy of Windows 10 on another SSD (it is cloned). It is very interesting that the same project runs flawlessly on that system. And it freezes on the first one, as I sent. According to them, VST Live cannot be the cause. Thanks.