Set a default MIDI channel for inputing events on a specific channel

Hi everyone. I would like to know if it’s possible to set a default input event MIDI channel, not the MIDI channel of the track itself (see image attached)

On my orchestral template, I used the different MIDI channels of the events to colorize them and see the events separately when selecting multiple tracks but also to extract them easily by filtering them. So, for example, I use channel 1 for Violins and channel 10 for Violas, etc.

At this moment, I change the value of the channel manually through the Logical Editor. However, I want to know if it’s possible to set a default for a different channel. By default, whenever I input new events it will always be channel 1 (the red one).

Thank you in advance!


Unfortunately there is not this option.

Why you don’t use dedicated track per instrument with the given Channel (I understand you are using multi-timbral track with the MIDI Channel Any, right)?

Sir, you are a genius! Elegant, easy, and efficient solution.

Thank you. This is a huge time-saver!

Just to clarify a bit for future readers. The Track’s MIDI Channel setting controls two things.

  1. The MIDI playback channel for ALL the notes in the MIDI Parts on that Track. So in the screenshot above there are MIDI Notes on Channel 10. If the Track’s Channel is set to 6 then those Notes will playback on Channel 6 instead of 10. If you set the Track’s Channel to ‘Any’ then it will retain the Note’s MIDI Channel on playback.

  2. When hand entering Notes in the Key Editor the Track’s Channel setting determines the Channel for the new Notes. This is useful when writing harmony lines within the same MIDI Part - set the Track to Channel 1 and write the Soprano line, change the Channel to 2 and do the Alto line, etc. When finished make sure to set the channel to ‘Any’ so the lines playback on the correct Channels.



Since Cubase 13 you can use the Channel Input.

Channel Input

Instead of Any, set the dediated MIDI Channel for the given MIDI/Instrument Track, you want to listen to.


Wow, that’s a huge positive change to just slide in under the radar.