Set All Automation Values the Same?

I’m not lazy. (Well, maybe a little). Is there a way to grab all the uneven volume levels (the ones NOT zero, that is) in the automation lane and set them to one value instead of plotting each of them one by one?

Hmm, Well, I always thought you could could just select the appropriate nodes altogether then change the value in the info bar, However having just tested this it is not working as I expected, and seems to be moving them by a relative amount rather than setting an absolute value, Maybe I’m doing something wrong? :confused:

You can set them all to the same value in the info bar if you hit “CTRL-RETURN” instead of just “RETURN”.
The problem is the selection of the relevant automation nodes. I don’t see another way but selecting them manually. You can specify “automation” as a container type in the PLE, but I didn’t find a filter that can act on the values…


Ah yes, of course, Thanks fese, actually thought I tried that too, But obviously did not as it works as you describe of course! :slight_smile:

I don’t know what the “CTRL-RETURN” instead of just “RETURN” means. I couldn’t find a way to use that. Nevertheless, I did find a workaround. I grabbed all the nodes and collectively brought them up to maximum which evened their volume, then collectively brought them down to a dB of my choosing. That works like a charm.

It means holding down ‘Control’ whilst pressing ‘Return’.

Some people also know RETURN as ENTER. :nerd_face:

Strictly speaking those are different keys, although in this context they behave the same :slight_smile:

We live in a time where the kids call a pumping effect side chaining and any long sine sub bass an 808. When I was young using Return resulted in a “ping” and Enter was a word on a street sign underneath the words “Do Not”.

I’m still not understanding what this ‘CTRL-RETURN’ business is referring to. Even from my screenshot, you can see that when I grabbed all the nodes, the values in the info bar are yellowed, meaning they cannot be changed. I’ve tried.

It does not mean this.

  1. Select nodes
  2. double click on value in info line.
  3. Enter value.
  4. Hold down control.
  5. Hit enter/return whilst control is held down.