Set ALL key commands global


Is there an option that makes ALL key commands ‘global’?

e.g. numkey 9 assigned to ‘Mixer- show/hide meterbridge’ → when the focus is not on the mixer pressing numkey 9 does not show/hide the meterbridge.

e.g. key R assigned to ‘Edit channel settings’ → when in the midi-/instr-/audio- editor window pressing 9 does nothing

there’s no difference in sync selection on or off




No, it’s not possible to make all Key Commands global.

What would you expect, after pressing “9”, when the focus is in the Key Editor (for example) if the Key Command is assigned to the Mixer > Show/Hide Meterbridge?

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it used to work up to version 6.5.5. Still struggling since v7 :slight_smile:

I believe that is when the different Windows in Cubase became free floating. Prior to that all the Windows were components of one ‘master’ Project Window - so there was only a single Window and it would of course always have the focus. When the Windows became independent then it became possible for different Windows to have the focus at different times. At least that’s what I recall.

This is possible with autohotkey (AHK)
So depending which window is active the particular key will do this or that. So for ex: I make default key Z(max vertical size for selected track) to respond even if some other window is active(Mixer for ex) so it brings focus to project window and than hits Z -also possible to do it in key commands by making macro
-project bring to front
-zoom selected track (default command Z)
And assign that macro to Z button
However AHK gives you much more possibilities since you can set commands to work depending if some windows are in focus or active or exists also you can group windows so that command reacts only if some window is active/focused/exists/ from the group.

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Sorry, not really. Cubase 7 came with the new MixConsole. This floating menu bar came later, around Cubase 9 I believe.

OK, I’ve never heard of AHK, looks and sounds very interesting!
thanx Grada


On Mac we are using Keyboard Maestro.

Thanks Martin, I’m on Win 10

You welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Also keep in mind that you need some time to invest in it (if you don’t have any knowledge in scripting like me) the good start will be to check all threads here where AHK or autohotkey is mentioned, you will find some nice things and overdue Cubase own limitations. Vertical Zoom which is mentioned on the forum is one of them.
Personally i become depended on AHK and couple of scripts that are deeply integrated into my workflow.
Good luck!

on the other hand I’d appreciate some more key commands to be global.
Some are, like “f” for Auto-Scroll.
I tried to make a poor mans “spill VCA-slaves”, but visibility agents “show channels that are conncted to the first selected chsannel” only works with mix console in focus.
And there seems to be no command to set focus to mix console.
I have run into quite few of other situations regarding this, and would prefer not to need AHK to work around.


… A lot of commands can’t be done by pressing keys. And a lot of preferences can’t be set …

i.e. if I want to edit an audio or midi part than I want the editor window to be on top of every other open window. However, this is not possible. I tried with macros, but didnot succeed.


That’s true, but there is a command to focus on the project. And the way mixconsole’s command (F3) has been tweaked in 11 (at last) is that 1. if the mixconsole is present but not focused, it will get focus, 2. if it’s present and focused, it will close, and 3. if it’ not there at all, it will open and get focus.

So, you can build your command starting with:
-Bring Project to front

That way you always have focus on mixconsole when giving the command.

(Not being a smartass, I’m just as fatigued by some workarounds as the next guy, just offering a solution for the time being.)

On topic, I second the notion of global key commands, or rather, the need to not think about focus when giving commands, since commands should always find their intended target.

(I’m doing another pass on key commands to update the list to 11.0.40 and I’m still surprised how many keycommands have prerequisites and other gotchas, that can even make you think that a command is not working at all.)

@ggmanestraki , you’ ve made my day!

I shure still am sick of workarounds, but this workaround you provided makes a bunch of ideas I had come true.
Just editing my EuControl in this very second to make alive
“Edit Channel Panner for selected”
and my “poor mans VCA-Spill™” :crazy_face:
all without having to worry about Mixconsole beeing in focus…
Thanx a lot!


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