Set Bar 1 to any timecode position

Hi, I am new to Cubase 8 and have been struggling with this for a week now. I want to set timecode 01:01:35:00 to Bar1 without using a tempo change.

The video starts at 01:01:13:24 which is of no significance. Please see my PT screenshot of which I am a long term user.

However, I do not think of this as a DAW concept, but as more of a music concept, in that music will start on the one, no matter what time has past already.

Thanks for any advice

Just to get the ball rolling, have you tried using the offset in Project Setup

Hi, Thanks for jumping in on this. This is what I have come up with. It seems a bit cumbersome, but it got me where I wanted. Please let me know if I engineered an unnecessarily complex solution. Please see the screenshot as well.

Steps to Set any Video Timecode (TC) Position to Bar 1 in Cubase.

My Example
Video Starts 01:01:13:24
MX IN at TC 01:01:35:00; Desired TC for Bar 1

  1. Import Video
    Cubase Bar 1 = 00:00:00:00
    Video TC = 01:01:13:24

  2. Set TC at Position
    Set Bar 1 to 01:01:13:24
    Answer no to keep contents at current position

  3. Navigate to desired TC for Bar 1.
    Go to 01:01:35:00
    Note Bar position:

  4. Set Bar offset to 43
    Answer no to keep contents at current position
    Note Bar 1 = 01:01:35:08 (8 Frames away from desired TC)

  5. Set Display offset to 00:00:00:08 (difference between desired TC and Actual TC in Step 4)
    Answer Yes to keep project contents at current position
    Answer yes to Continue.

I would simply use the “set timecode at Cursor” command - or does that not do what you want?

Based on the advice of peakae and svennilenni, you could try something like:
1 - Open Project Setup. Set bar offset to 20. Answer ‘Yes’ to ‘keep the project content at its bar positions?’
2 - Place the cursor at Bar 1
3 - Select ‘set timecode at cursor’. Enter

This takes into account the video start, so you can now place your video event at (if I understood correctly). To do this select the video event and type in the start address in the start field on the info line.

If you need more space before bar 1, just use a greater bar offset in step 1 above.

I suspect there may be a still easier way.

P.S. When doing all this, open the transport panel to see where you’re at with the TC and bar positions or add a ruler track.

Hey Thanks for the Help everyone. Really Appreciated!

Stingray, Thanks! your solution cut down the steps and the math calculations and was spot on.

Svennilenni, using Set TC at Position alone is not enough to get the correct bar and sync Cubase TC to the Video Burned in TC, but a step non the less.

I thought there would be a better way as well, but this works and allows me to start digging into more features of Cubase.

I did have some trouble with locking my video so that Tempo changes did not affect the position, but I will need to dig into a bit more.

Thanks Again!

Ok, I have fine tuned my process for setting the TC and bar position. However, I have not been able to after getting all in place, change the tempo without affecting position. I have been searching the web relentlessly and have not found a way to do this. Any thoughts are appreciated.


Howdy Folks,

I just wanted to give an update on this workflow issue I have been dealing with.

After all the setup and figuring out how to get the TC to be where I wanted it, I found that changing tempo would throw everything out of whack.

Just reading around I found this 3rd party software called video Slave 3. So far I think it is great. I do have to reset TC at cursor, but it is a lot easier than when hosting the video within Cubase.

Here is a link to a demonstration of it with Pro Tools.

Does that software solve the problem of multiple cue start times and tempo changes, etc.? I mean, it costs twice as much (on subscription), as Cubase does even buying every update. ($215 per year)

Hey Steve, I believe it does. I am certainly not an expert or power user of the sodtware yet.

I am still getting things setup with my workflow and have not tried alot with it, but what I have tried I like. It certainly simplified the tempo change issue I was having with the video hosted in Cubase.

I also had a few unexplained crashes with it as well.

I still struggle with the idea of why I have to reset my timecode position everytime I change tempo in Cubase.

I know this is out of place, but in PT I simply set my video and timecode once and it stays in place with tempo changes. This seems so logical to me?!?

Also there is a demo out there for video slave. I think it is worth checking out.

So you bought it already?