Set chord symbols to rythmic position or notes

Is there a possibility to set if the chord symbols depend on the rythmic position or on the notes? In other words, if I add bars in the middle of the score, can I set if the existing chord symbols will move with the already written notes or if they will stay at their current position?
Thank you

Yes, if you insert bars using the system track.

I don’t understand

Thank you for the video which explains about the system track, but not how it can do what I asked for

There is not a preference button that you can turn on/off
If you select notes, you can move them (alt cmd arrow), the chord symbols will stay at the original position.
If you want to move notes and chords, you have to select both with the rectangle tool.

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As Carlo said, if you want to move notes but keep the chord symbols where they are, select the notes and move them to the right, which will “insert bars.”

If you insert bars, either using the popover or the system track, the chord symbols will move with the notes they’re presently attached to.

Sorry, my original reply was unhelpful, as I missed that you were asking for an option to do either one.

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Thank you very much @Carlovanderput and @dan_kreider !
It’s a pity I can’t mark both your answers as solutions
You helped me a lot!