"Set cursor to mouse position" improvements

There are at least 2 improvements which could be done to this feature.

  1. When having “Locate when Clicked in Empty Space” enabled the mouse cursor does NOT snap to the grid if snap is enabled . It would make a lot more sense having it snapped to the grid like everything else if snap is ON.
    As it is now we always have to click in the ruler to snap the cursor to the grid, which involves unnecessary mouse movements.

  2. “Locate when Clicked in Empty Space” does NOT work for the bottom zone when using variaudio/hitpoint-view or the midi editor. Also here we have to click in the ruler to reposition the cursor. It could be so much easier if it would work like in the arrange view.

keyword: consistency
When implementing such features please make them consistent all over the platform. For people not familiar with Cubase this could even seem like a bug. Thank you!

You want to double check yourself on #1? I’m on 10.0.4 atm, but alt+shift click in empty space with snap on does snap locator to grid.

Also, I’m pretty sure at a certain zoom threshold (once you’re getting to those samplerate zooms) snap is disabled, maybe that is what you recognized.

Corrected it. So then it doesn’t work if you have “Locate when Clicked in Empty Space” enabled and works only when alt+shift clicking. Which can then considered as a bug I guess?

EDIT: Same goes for point 2) It only works in the bottom zone when alt+shift clicking.

And zoom threshold does not seem to matter.

Yeah coming from Ableton I’m trying to train myself to hit that shift+option combo, would be nice if there was an option to make that the default behavior (even when clicking on an event).