Set Cursor to position even by clicking on non-empty area

Is there a way or Setting wherein wherever I click in Project Window the Cursor should come to that position irrespective of clicking it on the Ruler area. There is one option wherein you can set it in this way that the cursor comes to that area only in project window which is empty. BUT It would have been more FAST and EASY and SMOOTH if I just click anywhere in the project window anywhere whether its on Event or empty area in track and the Cursor should come to that Position. If there’s no as such feature then Steinberg Guys Please get us this Feature.

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Sorry, this option is not available in Cubase.

Hold down the modifiers when clicking. By default on PC Shift + Alt


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Wish we could get this kind of Functionality in upcoming versions

Hey @Johnny_Moneto Thanks a lot for the Solution. But wish we could get a functionality without the Modifiers.

Steinberg Guys Please give us a setting where in we could get a permanent Setting for this functionality without always engaging other hand for using Modifier Keys.

Buy a mouse with extra buttons on the side. Program one of these buttons to act as Shift+Alt or even Shift+Alt+Click. Problem solved.

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