Set default playback technique

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I’m using Dorico Elements in combination with BBCSO and use the BBCSO playback template.

So far the default playback technique is “Natural”, which triggers the “Long” articulation within BBCSO. I’d like to change that to the “Legato” articulation. Is there a way to do this? I couldn’t find any setting like that in the Expression Maps or Playback Techniques window.

Yes, in theory all you need to do is edit the Natural switch in the Expression Map to trigger whatever key switch or MIDI controller is required to trigger the desired “Legato” articulation.

Thanks, this would work. Even though I don’t know how to trigger the “Long” articulation then, as it doesn’t refer to a specific playing technique, whereas Legato can be triggered through a “legato” marking in the score.

Is Natural always the standard playback technique if no specific technique markings, ornaments or lengths are used in the score?

Have you considered creating your own playing technique to activate the Long playback technique? You could hide the custom playing technique if you didn’t want players to see it.

Yes, that’s right.

Is that even possible with Elements? I thought editing playing techniques and creating your own ones is only a Pro feature.

You’re correct: you cannot define your own playing techniques in Dorico Elements.

you’re absolutely right to want to change the default inflexible “long” patch to “legato” for the strings at any rate – it was one of the first changes I made. “long” is needed occasionally for chordal textures, though and I created a new technique which I called “sostenuto” for this. I guess if you want to have greater control over playback, it would be well worth upgrading to the Pro version (especially with the current sale on). Or possibly – I don’t know the exact limitations of Elements – you could take an existing named technique in Dorico which you’re not otherwise using and map it to the “long” patch-- you can always hide the name in the score.

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That’s a great idea. Thank you very much.