Set default volume and pre-amp level for new tracks.

Greetings kind people!

I want to set a default value for the track volume and pre-amp level each time I add an instrument or audio track… for gain staging purposes. At the moment, I have to manually do this for every new track I add.

Any help on how to achieve this would be highly appreciated.

Thank you!!!

Create Track Presets.

Hi, you could create a series of tracks to use them as “templates”, export them in an xml file (Export > Selected Tracks) and then import them when needed (Import > Track Archive).


Save it as your own Track preset, please.

Exact, maybe this is an even handier solution (right click in the Track list > Save/Load Track Preset)!

Thanks guca02, Pierluigi and Martin! This is very helpful… Will try both approaches…

Warm regards!

I do this exact thing when adding a new instrument or audio track. I have a default track preset that gain stages and has a couple of preliminary insert fx. In Cubase 9.5 you were able to browse in the add new track dialog and immediately choose a track preset for your new track. Shockingly, they removed this feature in Cubase 10. It’s the only feature that Cubase has ever removed that I wish would be brought back as it’s affected my workflow. It would even remember your selection in the browse dialog every time you added a new track so it was immediate. Now you have to use media bay to add that track preset (which can be slow for some) or add a track and then right click that track to select your track preset as mentioned above. Either way, it’s extra steps and slows you down.

Please Please bring that feature back! I can’t be the only one that misses it…